Michelle Franklin PhD

Therapy Benefits

Dr. Franklin has helped her clients...

Have Improved Quality of Life

  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • Say “no” without guilt,
  • Self-care in healthy ways,
  • Effectively self-protect from unnecessary hurt while enhancing connection,
  • Improve communications skills,
  • Successfully manage anxiety and depression,
  • Express anger constructively,
  • Be more effective at work.

Have Successful and Rewarding Relationships

  • Develop relationship skills facilitating communication, passion, and intimacy,
  • Decide whether to stay in or end a relationship,
  • Recover from divorce or an ended relationship,
  • Mitigate the consequences of infidelity and betrayal,
  • Achieve a fair and amicable divorce.

Have More Loving and Supportive Families

  • Thrive while parenting adolescents,
  • Successfully parent children with special needs,
  • Master effective methods for raising challenging children,
  • Resolve conflict and value differences between family generations.

Have Smoother Life Transitions

  • Mitigate and recover from the death of a partner or loved one,
  • Successfully navigate a change in career,
  • Adapt to and accept changes in one’s physical health.

Recover From Addiction

  • Recover from addictions including alcohol, drugs, work, television, internet, exercise, food, sex, and others by learning more life-sustaining ways to self-care. (Addictions are often ways in which people unsuccessfully attempt to self-care).